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Simple use of Shared Preference Android

Here is a very simple implementation of Shared Preferences in Android Development.

Step 1:   Create a Shared preferences object prefs from file “com.sagar.prefs”.

SharedPreferences prefs = getSharedPreferences(“com.sagar.prefs”, Context.MODE_PRIVATE );// this code is enough for creating the file and getting its object.


Step 2. Write some value in the shared preferences

copy this method in your code:

private void setPreferences(String key_str, String value_str){

           Editor editor = prefs.edit();
           editor.putString(key_str, value_str); 

and use this to save any value in shared preferences  setPreferences(“name”, “value”); // this will save the value for this name.


Step 3: Get data from shared preferences:

String str = prefs.getString(“name”, “d”);  // where d is the default value which will be return if there is no value for the given “name” in the shared preferences.